For Women: Alternatives to FiveFourClub and Bombfell

After my husband tried Bombfell and I saw ads for Five Four club, I knew a women's version must be out there. So I went on the great search for the Five Four Club for women! I want to thank you for reading and supporting this blog cause by choosing to buy right through one of these links. I am able to give you special discounts and I make a small commission from the purchase! Here's what I found.

Stitch Fix 

Stitch fix has an awesome quick style survey that allows you to complain about what's bothering you about your style! Stitch Fix will help you solve the exact problem. Your $20 "stylist fee" gets applied to your order if you choose to buy, and that's it! I have personally used Stitch Fix for several situations - like my difficulty finding a great bag that I could use for work and play, and even really specific things like work-appropriate patterned pants for petites! Stitch Fix now offers Shoes, Maternity and Petites...
  • Stitch Fix cost: Set up a subscription or try just once, a $20 Stylist Fee is applied to your order if you buy
  • Women's regular, petite, and maternity
  • "Trendy" clothing and accessories
  • Selected for you based on your Pinterest page and style survey



LeTote makes having a high-end designer closet on rotation a possibility for you! You'll love wearing the clothes LeTote sends you with guilt free- you're actually encouraged to wear the clothes, and they handle the laundry. There is also an option to buy what you love most. They have a cheaper jewelry option as well! One other thing I love about it is that when it's on it's way, you can get a sneak peek at what you're getting online in a personalized online store.
  • LeTote cost: $49.95 per month clothing box subscription (unlimited monthly boxes!! They are so super fast at delivery that I can normally score about 4 a month, so that's a box a week), or try the cheaper accessories-only option
  • 5 items per box
  • Sizes up to Women's Large, and maternity (I'm petite and have never encountered an issue.
  • Professional high-end clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories
  • Items selected for you by a stylist based on your style survey
  • You can switch out items before shipment finalizes if you want

    Promo Code APRIL50FOR2 works for 50% off your first two months.  (EXPIRES 04/30)


    Rent the Runway Unlimited 

    New on the scene, but ready to wow you - Rent the Runway is already a household name for your special occasion wear, but now it's all over it with your daily wardrobe. I personally can't wait to up the ante with gorgeous designer brands every single day - great experiences ahead!

    • Rent the Runway Unlimited cost: $139 per month unlimited boxes
    • 3 items per box
    • Daily wear items like tops, skirts, dresses, blazers, outerwear, handbags, jewelry...

    (20% off through my link!)

    Gwynnie Bee - (sizes 10+ women only)

    My mom tried Gwynnie Bee for us all (Read my Mom's full review of Gwynnie Bee right here: Gwynnie Bee Review) and she absolutely loved it! Although you don't have to buy the clothes, she ended up getting so many complements on some of the clothes she rented that she had to keep some.
    • Gwynnie bee cost: Free 30 day trial through my link, between $30- $60/month after depending on # of garments you want out at one time
    • Women's sizes 10-32
    • Professional and attractive clothing for plus-sized women
    • You select from their online shop, start a que just like Netflix

    (free 30 day trial!)


    Try any one of these subscription services and I'll send you a free ebook, How to Use a Clothing Subscription to Up Your Work Style for free! Just send me a copy of your receipt (email me - Laura - right here!) and I'll write you back with the freebie!

    Content by Laura Gabriele