3 Daytripper Tips For Your Best NYC Day Trip Ever!

Manhattan by Sail, image from LivingSocial.com
It's amazing living just close enough to the big apple to visit for a day! But sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to plan a decent trip there. Life is just so busy! And, after you've been to the city more than a few times like I have, the thrill of "must see" attractions wears off quick - making it hard to even justify a trip. Nobody wants to do the same old thing over and over!

That's Why I'm Keeping This Post Updated - I love sharing my latest ideas and finds, since I'm always on the lookout anyway! 

1) Consider Spending the Night

I know we said it's a day trip. But seriously, you are going to wish you had spent the night so you could wake up in the morning with some delicious coffee in Tribeca... Every time I go to the city I either stay in Marriott Marquis or I just use Air BnB (You get a free $20 credit through my link)

2) Eat and Drink Somewhere New & Novel

Check Groupon first... ALWAYS. It's so frustrating when you are out somewhere and you see the person in front of you has a coupon! Don't miss the coupons, make sure you have checked to see if Groupon has a deal on what you were planning to do anyway.

Here are some of the best ones to check:

Groupon - Queens NYC

Groupon - Brooklyn NYC

Get the "Good Passport"

A good beer is the perfect compliment to your regularly scheduled eating - and on this pass, you'll discover new locations and find new reasons to love the city. Last year I surprised my husband with a gift of the Good Whiskey passport and we gave it an A+! Now the people at Good Passports are doing it again, and featuring local craft breweries this time! 

If you make a daytrip to any part of the city once a month between now and the end of winter, one of these "Passports" will have paid for itself a couple times over.

The Good Passport helped me discover the delicious oysters at American Whiskey... and I can't wait to go back! I purchased a good whiskey passport last year for my husband and it was a hit for a birthday gift. He loves a good whiskey- and he rated the gift one of the #1 gifts of all time! We enjoyed small tastes at countem' 9 locations - a great way to tour the city and check out all kinds of great spots. On the left is a pic we took that day!

$37 per person 

3) Get around more quickly with Free Taxi Rides on Uber

For land transportation, I highly recommend UBER combined with the subway. Uber lets you hail a cab without having to wait around, and you actually see the cab driver's face and car description, along with a customer rating before pushing "yes".

Use my Uber PROMO CODE gm98w to get $20 worth of taxi rides FREE. This could save you if you're in a bind for time and running late, and don't have extra cash on hand. Thanks for using my promo code $20 for me, $20 for you! Cheers.

$20 free Uber Promo Code

I really hope this can help you and your hunny get out and enjoy the city. Maybe do one or two, or all of the above and tweet at me @NowItsLaura to let me know you made it happen!

Never Stop Learning, Growing, and Reaching

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