How to Want to Cook Again (even though you're exhausted)

$40 off coupon for Food Box Services! Today I'm reviewing the best food box subscriptions, so you can get a good look at Hello Fresh, Home Chef vs Blue Apron, and get some valuable promo codes.

So, who will do it best? As always, I'm covering the 3 best options and giving you the best promo codes I can find - all in an effort to simplify your life and mine! 

1) Home Chef 

On the Menu: Classic Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, Parisian Bistro Steak, and Smoky Char-Grilled Pork Loin Chops -- are just a few of the items on Home Chef's expansive menu.

Home Chef seems like a winner to me because of the menu variety and the amount of food they send. But most importantly, they cater to my husband's dietary preferences and food allergies (He's a gluten-free pescatarian! ... I know).

Price: $59 per box / 3 delicious meals that will feed two adults. Oh, and free shipping.
Deals: Right now they are adding a $10 bonus credit toward your second order! Try Home Chef

2) Blue Apron

On the Menu: Cornmeal Crusted Catfish, Palak Paneer, and Fusilli Con Busco Pasta -- just a taste of what Blue Apron offers.

The neat thing about Blue Apron is that they cater to people who want to eat healthy AND eat ethically.  Blue Apron sources their ingredients from local farms and artisans, and the menu changes weekly depending on what's in season. But beware of hoity toitiness, you may not be able to pronounce the meal you're cooking up.

Price:  $59 per box / 3 delicious meals that will feed two adults. Free shipping. 

On the Menu: Seared Steak and Crispy Potato Salad, Coconut and Macadamia-Crusted Tilapia, and Stuffed Summer Squash Boats - are a few of the recipes that will get your mouth watering.

Hello Fresh also touts their farm-to-table practice (which is great!), but they only offer two types of boxes (see below).  This might be restrictive if you have dietary preferences.

Price: The Classic Box costs $69, while the Veggie Box (for vegetarians) costs $59. The price-point is slightly higher than Home Chef and Blue Apron. But yes, you guessed it - free shipping here as well. 
Deals: No current promotions  Try Hello Fresh

Somewhere along the way, my love for cooking died. That's why I'm so glad I found time to compare these Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron vs Home Chef box services which have restored my interest and desire to cook, so we can eat healthy again.  


I did the research and these, in my opinion, are the 3 Best food subscription boxes out there! But, here are some honorable mentions that might be worth trying, even though they didn't quite work for us:
  • Vegan food box subscriptions are totally covered by Vegin' Out with 9 meals in each box, and it's available nationwide. Use Vegin' Out PROMO CODE Share20 for $20 off 
  • Paleo food box subscriptions are available through Paleo Meals 2 Go - it's for a meal that's as rugged as you are! To seal the deal, right now they're offering 10% off if you spend $150 or more.

Content by Laura Gabriele