3 Best Things I've Learned from Marie Forleo

I have heard so much business and life advice online, but often it's "in one ear and out the other." Thankfully, there is one source of great insight with sticking power that stands head and shoulders above anything else I've found. Marie Forleo and her amazing YouTube channel for women entrepreneurs is a MUST watch on the weekly. Here are my top 3 favorite Marie Forleo lessons to share with you - the ones that over the years have made the biggest difference for me!

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1) Everything is Figureoutable

This is one saying I always believed in my brain, but had never heard it said in a clear way from someone else. It was such a relief to finally hear these words. So many nights where I stayed up till 2am figuring out a complex Wordpress issue - calling on the power of my subconscious mind to sort out the details! The phrase "you can do it" isn't enough. You need to know that everything is within your mental grasp - just keep trying. Watch the video here!

2) Clarity Comes from Engagement, Not Thought. 

Marie says you can't find your passion by thinking about it in your head. The idea that we should air on the side of action is a new one on me. I think that many of us get stuck in learning mode and never move into "doing." It's drilled into us from a young age, to measure twice and cut once. But you have to have something to measure! Trying new things is essential! Here's the vid.

3) Embrace the Abbondanza

I've already shared this with so many friends who were feeling blocked, and they loved it! Whatever it is you want to do, don't hold yourself back by comparing yourself to others! Realize that you have something unique to bring to the table! Watch the video now!

I love Marie. This lady is so novel and fun that the viewer isn't just taught, they're motivated!  When I was studying business in college, her weekly videos outshined what I was learning in my expensive classes. While the formal business school was helpful, Marie's words are the pieces of wisdom that I find myself repeating to friends and hanging onto as touchstones when I face a variety of challenges with my business.

I hope these help you on your journey, and by all means watch the videos and subscribe to her channel!

Never stop learning, growing and reaching! Did you like this post?


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