My Grown-Up Christmas List

Coming up with a Christmas list this year is really hard. I have everything I need. But the weird thing is I happen own less than I've ever owned.

We came here to Guatemalawith 2 suitcases total... I bought one scarf to replace one I gave away, food and flowers, and that's it... literally. I think the word is called "grace" - we are practically drowning in grace.

So this year I made a "Grown Up Christmas List" it's under construction but worth sharing anyway:

What would make me really super duper excited and grateful is if you supported one or more of these small business owners on that list, these are people that I personally know and love, and they are part of an online community I'm building.

And yeah, we are on there too, with the 501c3 Hope for Home and your donation goes 100% to their organization, not our living expenses. You can even pick a disabled child to support monthly or give a one time gift. Write on the note it's our Christmas present so I can do some happy dances. <3

Thanks everyone. This is my grown up Christmas list. <3

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