The Alfombra Guides Me On

The path we are on is hard, but it's important and it's blessed. The beautiful flower carpets "alfombras" leading to the children's home this morning came as a sign to me to remember that I'm on the right track. I want to thank you if you were one of those people who spoke up when I was sharing deeply and honestly about my challenges. Some beautiful truths were shared that came together just like the patterns on these carpets.

Truth is perfect, our walk through life is not - when we walk along the perfect plan laid out for us we undoubtedly will stumble sometimes, but the point is to keep your eyes forward, fixing yourself to the one who is perfect. Don't get lost focusing on how your steps could have been more perfect or more even. I remind you to lift each other up as you have lifted me up.

Not everyone is as naive as me to share the hard stuff in such a public way. Many hold it all in and never get the chance to see how much they're cared for.

So keep reaching out your hands and hearts to people. Remind them that they matter and remind them of the truth of their worth, lay out the carpet.

I promise I won't sugar coat my life just because social media makes it easy to fake perfection. My life is not perfect and neither am I, but God is still using me. And that makes everything worth it!

I got to take my girl Alejandra out for a "walk" ...roll? today after the procession ended. She's the one who deserves a carpet of flowers... Love you people, so so much. It's not easy to be away from you, and that's a good thing. I promise to keep learning - it's a beautiful path I'm blessed to walk along.

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