Looking Your Best in The Office (fashion advice)

You know you were made for BIG things. You have the brains, and you know you want to look the part. But it can be expensive to get a work wardrobe going, and many of us don't even have a sense of personal style to begin with... it's hard to know where to start! Even if you don't have the money to invest in clothing upgrades, these three tips will keep you looking your best stress-free.

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1. Get Expert-level on the Basics

Make sure you have these key basics covered:
  • Wash Your Face, Brush Your Teeth, Floss. Clean Hair!
  • Dry Hair - wet hair is TERRIBLE. My curly hair takes so long to dry that I had to buy a standing hair dryer like in the salon because holding a hair dryer for 2 hours makes it feel like your arm is about to fall off. Here is the standig hairdryer I use!
  • Natural, or Light Makeup
  • Skirt no higher than 1" above the knee
  • Clean, Shining Closed-Toe Shoes

2. Build a Closet of High Quality Pieces and Stay in Style

There are a few companies I've been using to build my personal style, and they are:

My favorite right now is Le Tote. It's a rotation of really fashionable clothes that you wear weekly and send back, they do the dry cleaning. More info on that here: LeTote Review

If you're not interested in renting clothes to propel your style forward, I really recommend Stitch Fix. (or Gwynnie Bee for an amazing plus-size style). Stitch Fix is a styling service that helps you build your wardrobe for you by looking at your Pinterest board and basically doing step 3 for you! Read my full review of them here: Stitch Fix Review 

3. Compare and Contrast

I recommend loading up your Pinterest with style inspiration - I've collected over 500 amazing outfits for you to check out. You're sure to create a few great outfits from referencing this!

Don't be afraid to judge your outfit. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask "Does this person look polished?" Then, "Does this person look stylish," and finally "Is this person dressing how I'd like to look?"

Will you promise me to try at least one of these three tips? I know it'll help you look your best, feel your best, and do your best on a budget.

Never Stop Learning, Growing, and Reaching!

Content by Laura Gabriele