Announcing my "I Love My Job" blog series!

I've been up to something! In a very sneaky fashion, right under your nose, I have sent secret interview invitations to local women whose work I admire. These ladies ROCK! I can not wait to share their experiences, challenges, and advice with you in the coming weeks. They come from all walks of life and have faced many unique challenges, but there is one thing they all have in common. Each one can say, "I Love My Job!"

The series so far:

April 4th: Elena Ulev
April 18th: Julie Burns
May 2th: Jackie Priess
June 16th: Jami Shipp

I know there is much to be learned from these interviews and I hope you'll stay tuned and savor each one with me. Do you know someone who would like to be interviewed on my blog? I am offering one month free of ad space on my blog to qualifying female business owners in Missoula, MT just for answering five questions. Email me at for more information!


  1. Laura, I love your blog! The I love my Job series is a fantastic idea. Are you familiar with it was started by a girl from Missoula! How do you come up with the topics for your blog?


  2. Hi Heather, Wow! I'd never heard of that site before but I really love it. Right up my alley! I did dig a little deeper to learn about the founder. What a great concept. I love that Brianne was so involved with UM too!

    I decided to focus more on businesswomen in Missoula after joining MBN and going to their symposium. I'd already been studying business marketing for a while, the talks were fascinating, and I began to understand how much I could learn from the other women around me. There is so much to know about how to navigate a rapidly changing business environment, and most of it comes from experience, or asking the right questions.

    I'm very interested in running my own business full time- and there's no better way to begin than with a lot of encouragement and advice from other women who are already doing that. I thought this might be a great way to learn, connect and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

    Well that was a long response but as you know, I love to write ;)

    Thank you for your comment and great link! I look forward to highlighting that website in the future!


  3. Hello Laura,
    If you ever decide to broaden your geographic area and include women from outside of Missoula please keep me in mind. I am on the other site of the highway 12, in north Idaho by Moscow. Actually I was in Missoula last week!

    I love my job- I should say my JOBS!
    web and graphic designer, filmmaker, artist, knitter and for the last few years a rancher.



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