Happy International Women's Day!

First, thank you to all the ladies who have provided such a wonderful response to my blog and the Missoula Women Etsians list! Your comments have meant so much to me. I'm grateful that I will be able to learn and grow with you in our pursuit of business success and all things beautifully handmade! Soon, I will introduce a few special ladies from our list and share with you their answers to five questions that I think will broaden our understanding of online business.

Did you know? Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. When the holiday was first celebrated internationally (1911) women could not yet vote in most countries. Now, a number of women serve as presidents and are in other positions of political and social power. This year, the focus is on "Equal access to education, training, and science and technology: pathways to decent work for women."

I sit with my hot chocolate today reflecting on these things and knowing that soon I may be trading in my hot drinks for iced tea and lemonade. Despite yesterday's brief snowfall, I get this wonderful feeling Spring is here (or near)! It makes me want to go buy bunches of tulips and daffodils! I love the look of a simple jar of tulips on a freshly wiped kitchen counter top. I am always amazed by what flowers can do to lift the spirit and usher in a new season indoors.

I have always loved plants of all kinds. As a child, I made my own “greenhouse” under my bedroom window, using a tarp and stools. Eventually, my little dream came true... I have worked in a greenhouse, nurturing thousands of plants and with tender care have brought many flowers to bloom. I would harvest and arrange flowers for my floral design class at the college I attended at that time. Those days are colored by perfect pink snapdragons and smell like rich soil and bright, bold mums.

French Bouquet, Songbird Floral Design

I have had my etsy shop for almost one full year, and  I am introducing something new to celebrate Spring! Fresh cut flower arrangements will now be part of my offering, available to Missoula residents only, thanks to my connection with Bitterroot Floral Shop and other florists in town. My first live arrangement, the French Bouquet, is available now in my shop. Little by little, and depending on response, I will introduce more selection! Coming up next will be live roses, daffodils, and tulips.

I hope Spring inspires you also. Why not try new things and embrace the beauty of our natural world as everything comes alive again! What is Spring inspiring in your life today?


  1. Love you flowers! Wish I lived there so you could make me a fresh and pretty bunch!

  2. Thank you Vicky, you know I would! :)


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