My Series on the 2011 MBN Symposium

Hello, readers! I invite you to enjoy several enriching presentations given by inspiring leaders at the January 2011 Missoula Businesswomen's Network Symposium . Each session has given me the opportunity to share my detailed notes on topics that we can all learn from, from marketing to networking, and beyond! My notes are published with permission of the presenters and are an accurate reflection of their topics and main points.

The Complete MBN Symposium Series:
#1 Lois McElravy
#2 Karen Porter
#3 Varju Luceno
#4 Jane Foster

Were you at the Missoula Businesswoman's Symposium too? If so, you may have had a candid photo taken of you! The photo of me (above) was a candid shot taken by Youa Photography. She has posted a Facebook album of 100 photos from that night, so take a look- there might be one of YOU there, too! Don't have a Facebook account? You can also see them here: Flickr

I would love to know that other Missoula women are benefiting from this series and if I should continue to focus on Missoula business and inspiring women in my entries. Your comments are always appreciated. To get more, "follow" my blog by providing your e-mail on my sidebar.

Interested in attending the 2012 MBN Symposium? This year it's January 28th. I hope to see you there!
Keep learning, growing, reaching!!

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