Ready for St. Patrick's Day!

Admit it, everybody wants to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Today I'm proud to declare that I'm 1/8th a lucky lass, thanks to my Irish heritage through the Faulk line. There are signs of Leprechauns guarding popcorn gold at the end of a confetti rainbow at my kitchen table today.

I am reminded of my childhood, leaving "leprechaun" notes for my little siblings, they were just young enough to fall for my ruse, and I was just old enough to revel in their curiosity with endless enthusiasm and creativity. Using a thick washer tied to a long rope, I created "footprints" on the roof of the snow-covered gazebo beneath my little sister's window, and then tossed red glitter out onto it. She wondered in amazement that magical Leprechauns had come to visit her.

My little table setting celebrates that time and the Christian evangelist, St. Patrick, who used the shamrock as a way to teach the concept of the Trinity.

My floral arrangement includes white hydrangea and a funny puffy green plant called tricillium which I purchased from Habitat Florial Studio !

The "pot o' gold" was a great find from Missoula 3:16 Thrift Boutique

I made the "confetti rainbow" from a single strand of Kristina Marie's confetti garland. Check out her etsy shop for more fun colors!

The St. Patrick's Day parade is behind us but I'm sure we will all find our own ways to celebrate this special holiday. P.S. Don't forget to wear green!


  1. Lovely flower arrangement, I love white hydrangeas!

  2. Thanks, Vicky! I love how hydrangeas look so beautiful even when dried. A truly versatile, stunning flower!


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