Surfing the Net? Here are 3 ways to keep from "wiping out"!

When it comes to the internet, I must admit I'm a heavy user. For me, having an intention for my time online before sitting down to my laptop is the key to remaining productive. It also helps to know great sites so you don't have to go sifting through tons of web-garbage to find a little meaty, useful, memorable content.

I want to share with you some of my favorite local sites that I come to again and again to get the latest on online marketing and entrepreneurship.

  1. Keenpath, a Montana inbound marketing company posts juicy original content to their blog all the time. I'm giving you their Facebook because that's the way I like to surf them- I like to see what's new crop up among all the boring status updates my friends leave. You could also just go to their inbound marketing company website to see the content all at once. 
  2.  Montana Inbusiness Monthly- some people pay for this subscription or turn their quarter through the little sidewalk dispensers. I for one enjoy free things at least 60% more, so I check out their website to see all the great articles and find out who's new in town. This can be great for gaining new leads. New businesses need help and a little push can go a long way! The last issue had Alpenglow Apparel (a screen-printing company I co-own) so it became an instant keepsake... that one I bought. :)
  3. Have you ever checked out the Missoula Businesswoman's Network? Now THERE's something I don't want you to miss. Joining is $45.00 (1 year) and you have instant access to a network of amazing businesswomen. And who doesn't like learning from a real live human being? 

I will undoubtedly be adding to this list as I realize how many great ones I've left out! If you know any sites that are useful to you and are Montana-based, please comment below and I'll add them in!

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  1. Hey Mark, you're welcome! Thanks for your subscription and for always dishing out the great content!


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