The Short List

"Laura, if you love these products, websites, and services so much, why don't you MARRY them?"

Good question, actually! Well, I'm already married to a man I love more than anything money could buy, and I'm not going to advertise him!

But, these products and services are genuinely my go-to's  that I find myself recommending online and off-line over and over to everyone that I know. So I figured I should put them all on one list, a list of appreciation if you will. My blog cause earns a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. Click to read about my blog cause!

Maybe you'll see a few helpful things on here right away and save even more time!


If you sign up to stay at an AirBnB through this link, you'll get $35 off your first night's stay. <3


This pair of pajamas and this bra from True&Co
If you like to lounge, these are simply the most comfortable and classy-cute things money can buy!

Rent The Runway - rent the perfect dress
If you have an important event coming up but need a nudge in the right direction (their stylists are amazing!)

Stitch Fix - reboot your closet
If you're not sure where to start with your personal fashion, and/or need a wardrobe refresh. Read my full review here: Stitch Fix Review

LeTote - give your work fashion a major boost
This company offers a rotation of high end clothes you can wear and send back, it's like getting an extension on your closet! Read my LeTote review


Robin Sharma- leadership and advice for ultra-achievers
He's featured in my posts about morning routine and the 5am club

Marie Forleo- create a business and life you love a true soul sister,  she has great advice for anyone who's just starting out a business.

Services for Small Businesses Owners

WPCURVE - website help
Unlimited jobs, 24 hours a day working on your Wordpress-based website. SUCH a life saver! If you have a job for them, they get it done! for drool-worthy business cards


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World

Nerdz Only!

Occam's Razor- Google Analytics stuff

Moz blog- SEO stuff Pro SEO services and forums full of very smart people - For competitor analysis 

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